English night November 5th

As announced before, first Thursday in the month has become an English-spoken meeting. Which obviously doesn’t mean that only international students are welcome. 😉

Theme? Being a Christian today. How is it to be a Christian in a very secular country, where the stand towards Christianity (or religion in general) might not always be too positive? And how does one deal with inter-Christian differences? Are ‘the others’ wrong, just different or again something else? Fruit for discussion.
Guest? Jan Kjellström, international student pastor.
Where? Domkyrkoforum, around 7.30 PM. After the Taize Mass, which starts at 6.30 and which is actually also held in English.
What more? Nothing actually – apart from the fact that there will be hot tea and fika, which might be very welcome in wet and dark November.

Come all and bring friends, either internationals or not!

Är du svensk och vill du komma men är du lite rädd om att tala engelska? Kom ändå – vi kan översätta lite och fika finns ju alltid…